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A great success starts with the best Zhang Liang Malatang!

Becoming a Franchisee is easy with Zhang Liang Malatang

Join us at Zhang Liang Malatang Australia and embark on a business journey that will transport you to the vibrant city of Harbin and allow you to focus on this by providing you with our simplified onboarding, training, and operational model.

Our goal is to provide you with all the support and tools, so you can focus on you and your stores’ success.

Zhang Liang Malatang
Zhang Liang Mala stir fry
Zhang Liang Malatang
Becoming a Franchisee is easy with Zhang Liang Malatang

•  A complete turnkey solution

•  Premium leasing and site selection

•  Store design and bespoke construction

•  Simple supply chain and ordering model

•  Training, on-boarding and ongoing operational support

•  Product development and innovation

•  National and local area marketing support

8 Reasons why Zhang Liang is the Franchise for you

Proven Business Concept

Established since 2008.

Professional Company

We place our franchisee’s success as priority.

Popular Product

China’s most famous and delicious Malatang.

Freshness and Quality

High quality ingredients and freshest meats for our signature dishes.

You're Never on Your Own

 Hands-on in-store training and ongoing support.

Marketing and Operational Support

Comprehensive support in all aspects of running your business.

Low Entry Cost and Low Franchise Fees

Our entry cost is very competitive, making Zhang Liang one of the easiest franchises to join.

Location Ready for Zhang Liang

As we continue to grow, we will have sites ready for you. So, what are you waiting for? Join our Zhang Liang Franchise Family today! 

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